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Fitting & Alignment

Despite remarkable developments in componentry in recent years, it is the fitting and alignment of a lower-limb prosthesis that ultimately determine how well an amputee will walk. A unilateral below knee amputee expends an estimated 40 percent more energy walking than a person without limb loss, so it is essential that the limb function with optimal efficiency. Transparent check sockets can greatly enhance the ultimate socket fit, because they allow the prosthetist to view the residual limb inside the socket. Discovering areas of excessive pressure and absence of total contact enables the prosthetist to make corrections in the definitive socket and thereby reduce the risk of skin breakdown, positioning, discomfort and other problems that would likely limit the patient's outcome.

Typically, alignment is completed in one or two appointments before the cosmetic finish is applied to the limb. The prosthetist adjusts the "slide," angulation and rotation of the lower components in relation to the socket to provide the best possible balance, comfort, gait pattern, energy efficiency and cosmesis.