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The Preparatory Prosthesis

As its name suggests, the function of a preparatory, or training, prosthesis is to help a new amputee transition to a new life of walking on an artificial limb. It is typically an uncomplicated system that patients can manage while learning a new way of walking and adapting to their shrinking residual limb. The preparatory prosthesis also helps the clinical team determine the amputee's ambulation potential and the most appropriate components for the definitive system. Patients normally wear the preparatory prosthesis for three to six months. During this period, prosthetist and therapist interact to help amputees adjust to their maturing residual limb and other physical changes. Several fit and alignment adjustments are usually made during this period as the residual limb shrinks and the patient's gait becomes more efficient. Not all patients receive a preparatory prosthesis due to adequate shrinkage and residual limb shape. These patients may go directly to a definitive prosthesis with a socket change which is less costly.