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W.T. Hinnant Artificial Limb Company has been an integral part in the rehabilitation of amputees throughout North and South Carolina. The company has grown from a one-man operation in 1931 to one of the oldest and most recognized prosthetic companies in the Southeast.

W.T. Hinnant Artificial Limb Co. - "original logo"

Our firm was the first in Charlotte to be certified by the American Board for Certification. Our practitioners are American Board Certified. Our support staff ensures that the state-of-the-art prosthetics we provide are functional, comfortable and modular so that repairs and anatomical changes can be accomplished quickly and financially efficient.

The beginning of our firm can be traced back to Mr. W.T. Hinnant who lost his leg in an automobile accident in 1930. He experienced considerable difficulty in obtaining an artificial limb in North Carolina, and in order to secure one, it was necessary for him to seek the services of a prosthetist out of state. Each time he needed an adjustment or repair he would have to travel a great distance for services, or make the repairs himself.

Realizing that his situation was unsatisfactory, W.T. Hinnant sought to help other amputees in North Carolina. There being no formal training available for a prosthetist at that time, he sought a position with the Minneapolis Artificial Limb Company as an apprentice. He learned a great deal about artificial limb manufacturing and fitting and in 1931 with the confidence of his fellow practitioners opened up the W.T. Hinnant Artificial Limb Company, as it is still known today.

In the early years of the company Mr. Hinnant along with his association with Minneapolis Limb Company and two trained technicians serviced amputees in both North and South Carolina. With the knowledge W.T. Hinnant learned in Minneapolis and now wearing a comfortable fitting prosthesis manufactured by him, he sought to help others obtain a lifestyle he thought was no longer possible.

The size of his operation slowly grew to more than 10 employees. In the course of the history of W.T. Hinnant, Mr. Hinnant's two sons, John and Milton, became a part of the company after their graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. W.T. Hinnant passed away in 1954, and the company has continued to excel in the field of prosthetics. MIlton N. Hinnant and John D. Hinnant have since passed away.

Hinnant Prosthetics

M. Kale Hinnant, who owns and manages the facility, was one of the first American Board Certified Prosthetists in the State of North Carolina to successfully complete his Fellowship in Prosthetics (FAAOP).

The Hinnant practitioners attend seminars and continuing education classes on a regular basis. To stay current with advancements within a rapidly technologically advancing field of prosthetics it is mandatory for Hinnant prosthetists to attend seminars provided by the American Board certification, American Academy Orthotic Prosthetic, along with various product manufacturer seminars.

Since the beginning of the company, W.T. Hinnant has fit over 26,000 amputees in its 80 plus years of existence.

Additionally, Hinnant was one of the first companies in North Carolina to be American Board certified facility.